1. Which part of United States  Express Passport belongs to?

Express Passport sitauted in Florida, United States.

2.  What are the requirements to become the citizen by investment?

  1. Person of no criminal records
  2. No HIV positive or bearing fatal disease
  3. Permanent resident of sovereign country

3. What is currency of United States ?

  1. Minimum age must be eighteen years
  2. investment of the prescribed amount in prescribed format

The currency of United States  is Dollar.  10 USD can get you approx 27 Eastern Caribbean dollars.

4. What are minimum investment requirements?

As per Jan 2012 notification for a single the minimum investment amount under SIDF is USD 250000 and under Real estate investment the minimum limit is USD 400000

1)  Applicant can get citizenship by donating a non refundable amount of USD 250000 to SIDF. Processing charges will be extra and Additional fee will be charged for each accompanying family member of applicants. For an individual applicant the total cost is approx USD 290000.

2) Applicants can invest in real estate with USD 400000. Investments in Real estate are recoverable and yields good returns.  With processing and other registration fees the total investment is approx USD 490000 for single applicants. Applicant can include a spouse and children below 18 years of age. For all other accompanying family members additional charges will be applied. You will be entitled to sell your property after five years.

5. What is citizenship by investment program?

Citizenship by investment is a Sponsored investment –citizenship program by Government of United States  which allows foreign national to obtain the citizenship of United States  by investing in sugar industry diversification foundation or in Real estate. This program was initiated in 1984 which entitles the successful applicant individual / family to enjoy the citizenship of United States for the lifetime. Citizen of United States  can enjoy visa free travel to more than 120 countries.

6. What is time frame for applying for applying to United States  Citizenship?

It takes approx 4-6 months to process the application after receiving the complete application forms and prescribed funds. Time frame for both the option (SIDF or Real state) is almost same.

7.  What is the difference between SIDF and Real Estate investment option?

Donation to SIDF (sugar industry diversification fund) is a public charity and the donated to the sugar industry foundation is non refundable while real estate option, a little more expensive, is recoverable. The investments in real estate are recoverable but you can sell it only after 5 years.  As per new rules from 2012, the next buyer will be eligible for citizenship.

8. Is there any fee for children aged over 18 years of age?

Yes. For Children aged between 18 – 25 years, additional USD 50,000 Government fees will be charged.

9.  What are the Benefits of United States  citizenship?

The salient benefits of United States  citizenship are:

  • Lifetime citizenship
  • Higher investment return
  • Tax free income
  • Safety and privacy
  • Visa free travel to more than 120 countries
  • Dual citizenship
  • Real estate investment
  • Citizenship without any obligation to reside or visit
  • Less application time
  • Easier and attractive investment procedure

10.   On what grounds my citizenship application could be refused?

  • A citizenship application can be refused if
  • Applicant has a criminal record
  • Government may refuse application citing national security
  • If applicant puts false information in application form
  • Applicant is HIV positive
  • Applicant have had visa denial to any one of the countries which has visa free travel agreements with United States

11.   What are the documents requirements?

a)   Police clearance certificate

b)   No criminal record certificate

c)    Two copies of Original birth certificates per person

d)   Officially English translated copy of all non English certificates and documents.

e)   HIV clearance Medical certificate (Not older than three months)

f)    Certified copy of Marriage certificate.

g)   Two Reference letters from Bankers, Lawyers, Chartered Accountant

12.  Is it compulsory to live in United States  after acquiring citizenship?

No. You need not to necessarily live in United States . Though United States  government gives you all the rights as citizen and you have every right to live and work in United States .

13.  Do i need to apply for visa to enter United States?

Citizens of certain countries do need to apply for visa for arrival in United States.

14.   Does the Programme recognize same sex marriage?

No. laws of United States United States  define “spouse” as the partner of the opposite sex.

15.   Is the application form available online?

No. The application form can only be obtained through and submitted to the Citizen by Investment Unit by an authorized person.

16.   Does the place of birth is shown on your United States  passport?

No. Passport do not shows your place of birth.

17.   How Do I get my Passport?

After successful acceptance of the application it may take 3-4 months to get you a passport.

18.   What is the validity of passport of United States?

The validity of United States  Passport is of 10 years. You will be required to renew it after 10 years.