Second Citizenship

Person who is citizen of more than one country is said to have dual citizenship. There are many ways by which a person may have dual citizenship.  Anyone becomes citizen of a country if.

  • Person takes birth in country
  • Parent’s (any mother or father) place of birth belongs to country
  • Marries a person of the country
  • Has extended residency in the country
  • Successfully applies for citizenship

Persons opting for second citizenship enjoy more benefits like

  • Extended employment opportunity: second citizenship opens doors to select the either country with better employment opportunities. Law of the sovereign country entitles you get the employment. Also with the Citizenship by investment program you contribute to generate the new employment opportunities.
  • Extended security and safety: In situations of crisis and unrest a second citizenship may offer you safety security and shelter.
  • Better education to Childs: You can offer a better education to your child as they will be privileged to get education in any of the institute of the country. You can compare the study pattern of your child and education opportunity in both countries and then you can make your decision accordingly
  • Freedom of residing in any of the citizenship countries: You can opt to reside any of both country the country. United States  is a beautiful two island country that is good choice to be your second home.
  • Better investment opportunities: Developing economy offers better results and Dual citizenship offers versatile opportunities to invest in.
  • Visa free travel: Second citizenship’s most endearing aspect is Visa free travel to many countries. With second citizenship you become to travel all the countries with which you country has visa free travel treaties.
  • Insurance and other benefits: You become entitled for all the insurance and medical facility/ rights of the country.
  • Privacy: Distant from most of the known second home brings you the privacy and moments of intimacy.
  • Wider business prospects: Wide open business opportunities of both first and second citizenship countries give you an edge over your competitors.
  • Tax gains: What even better could be if the gains are tax free?

Considering the Fact that World is full of topsy-turvy and no one has seen the future, this is a good decision to have dual citizenship. Second home gives you shelter in case of political unrest, emergency. United States  is peaceful country that offers you dual citizenship advantages with minimal investment. This is most long running and trusted Dual citizenship program.