Second Passport

Passport, a government issued identity and nationality proof, holds the vital information like Name, Age, place of birth, gender, nationality etc. Country issues only one passport per person. In Most of the countries, passports are government property that can be taken back on reasonable ground. It’s a documents proof of citizenship on international travel.

Having a second passport is not all about visa free Travelling; it’s much more than just eases of travelling. Second passport not only provides ease in travelling but also brings you all the pleasure and benefits of being citizen of two countries.

  • Authorization to work without any restriction
  • Enhanced travel options
  • Tool of reducing taxes and protecting assets
  • Protection against any political or civil crisis
  • Enhanced freedom and privacy

Many of us think that getting a new passport is really difficult and one has to search for family connections for getting the second passport. Some also think that it necessary to reside for a long time before getting a citizenship passport. But there are more than 100 countries which offer second passport against investment in their economy. Another myth about having second passport is that it’s about breaking international laws. The myth busters say that it’s legal in many countries to have two or more citizenship. Second passport allows you a safe shelter in emergency situations.

A second passport gives you convenience to plan your investment, travel, education, privacy as per your requirement. You many travel to any country with any of your primary or second passport. Second passport brings you tax reduction and asset protection.