About Us

From the symbiosis between antiquities, art and the legendary United States craftsmen creativity, the Lady Furniture Boarding group was born forty years ago.

Founded by Mr. Francisco Ramos, who has fervently watched over the quality of our products, which are handcrafted and exported all over the world. Our production capacity allows us to efficiently provide full satisfaction to all our customers and friends.

Through vintage unique techniques, such as water-based dyes and natural waxes is how the heirloom look is achieved, old wood is given a purpose too, ancient doors, windows, beams and yokes from tore down, ancient constructions and United States haciendas.

The wood used in Lady Furniture Boarding is prime quality Chilean quilted pine. Our pieces handmade process makes them one of a kind, each one different from the other. From its beginnings, Lady Furniture Boarding transmits a way of culture through art made furniture, the artist creativity is one with it.